Vemag Maschinenbau

The German company Vemag Maschinenbau has been engaged in developing and producing food industry equipment for more than half a century. Today this manufacturer is well-known not only in its country, but also abroad. At the moment its export is 80% of all manufactured products.

Business of Vemag Maschinenbau

The main products of the company are continuous vacuum fillers. The developers achieved excellent results designing the features of such machines. Vemag Maschinenbau offers its customers:

  • Vemag filling head with automatic crimper ensures perfect hygiene of production;
  • sausage lines offering a wide range of calibers and lengths of products;
  • Vemag Robot for quick and quality mixing of dough;
  • portioners;
  • universal devices for manufacturing vegetable, fish and meat products;
  • forming machines;
  • smoke generators for smoking products ensure excellent results.


All the equipment is of high quality and performance.

Purchase of Vemag Maschinenbau products

You can buy Vemag vacuum filling head and other Vemag Maschinenbau products right here, on our board. Here you can also find any information relating the offered products. The board gives you the opportunity to address directly the company or its representatives.