Vemag Anlagenbau GmbH

Vemag Anlagenbau GmbH specializes in the production of thermo-equipment for food industry. Having incorporated innovative ideas and experience, the company became the leader of technological innovation. Our installations allow obtaining high quality products in a short time.

Business of Vemag Anlagenbau GmbH

The equipment produced by the company ensures even distribution of air flow all over the surface of the products. The equipment has treatment modes with different intensity of smoking. Today the company Vemag Anlagenbau GmbH offers its customers:

  • Thermo installations Vemag with extra powerful generator for boiling, cooling and smoking of products;
  • Climatic maturing installations ensuring high-quality thermo treatment of products;
  • Thermo compound installations for hot and cold smoking and with water bath;
  • Control and management systems;
  • Stationary and mobile thawing installations;
  • Various smoke generating systems, including liquid smoke systems.


Automated Vemag Anlagenbau installation can control the whole production process. Thus, it makes it possible to reduce the number of maintenance personnel.

Purchase of Vemag Anlagenbau products

Our board contains information about Vemag Anlagenbau products. You can purchase any kind of equipment directly from the company or from its representatives. You can find information about any item. The proposed equipment meets the high quality requirements.