ULMA Packaging

The packaging equipment manufacturing enterprise is one of the seven business areas of ULMA group. The company was founded in 1961 and for over 50 years this company, with its headquarters in Spain, is engaged in the development and production of packaging equipment and its further maintenance.

Features of ULMA packaging equipment

The company employs more than 700 skilled employees using advanced manufacturing and engineering technologies. ULMA is the only company on the market that can offer seven lines of devices, including:

  • In-line packaging;
  • vertical packaging;
  • thermos-shaping;
  • shrink;
  • packaging in a pre-prepared trays;
  • tubular packing;
  • packaging in special-purpose stretch wrap.


Such a wide range makes ULMA equipment particularly popular. All models can be combined with each other, added or used as an alternative solution to the task. Specialists can offer each client a customized solution tailored to his needs.

Constantly, the company strengthens the engineering and R&D departmnets to be aware of the latest trends being popular in the market. In addition, it has a specialized center dedicated to research, development, and promotion, product improvement, new employees training and providing all kinds of services related to packaging technologies.

ULMA equipment purchase

Foodbay.com website shall be chacked out to purchase new or used packaging machines from ULMA Pachino company. Here are the different models of the devices, and each buyer can review the catalog to learn more about the equipment and purchase it either directly or from the company representatives.