The German brand Treif has produced devices and tools to facilitate the food products cutting for more than 60 years. Today, its owner - Uwe Reifenhauser promotes the production of demanded high-quality equipment for the food industry. The company's machines give presentable appearance to food products or prepare them for further processing.

Cutting with Treif equipment

Currently there are 4 main solutions for cutting:

  • SLICING (slicers), cutting the product into slices of equal thickness;
  • DICING (Dicers such as Treif felix), grating and putting the product into shape of cubes, straws;
  • BREAD CUTTING (bread slicers), portioning of flour products;
  • PORTION CUTTING (special machines), dividing into portions.


To improve the presentation of your product, use slicers. These compact devices can be installed in the production plant, in the supermarket or public catering facility. The design of the slicer has a patented vacuum gripper, which has the following advantages:

  • High profitability, by minimizing wastes at output;
  • two-chamber system of vacuum use, providing safety of the device;
  • accurate and high-quality cutting of soft products;
  • use of static vacuum without pump simplifies the operation of the equipment.


Slicers of companies can integrated into automated machines.

Where can you buy the equipment for cutting of Treif - is a bulletin board where you can buy devices of this and other famous brands. There are modern slicers for large and small businesses on this site. Having chosen a required item, you can buy it from a representative of the manufacturer or using a message form.