Townsend Further Processing

The origin of Marel, the Icelandic company, dates back to 1977 when two engineers got to the development of precision scales. Today, it is a corporation, which produces high-quality Townsend Further Processing equipment for preparation of raw materials and making products from them for realization. The branches of the Icelandic corporation are located in 30 countries on 5 continents.

The products quality improvement using equipment of Townsend Further Processing

Modular equipment for poultry can be combined at the consumer’s request. Establishment of a continuous process is the best solution. Full automation of production has a lot of positive characteristics:

  • The machine power makes it possible to perform complete processing of carcasses for a short time period;
  • time spent on the process is so short that the meat retains all its taste characteristics;
  • quick processing provides a longer shelf life of the product;
  • accuracy of processes ensures a high quality appearance of the product;
  • contact of people with the product is minimal, which provides a hygienic production.


In addition, Townsend equipment can be bought for individual processes. Choppers will help grind food into pieces of required size. Minced meat size is chosen by a user. To make semi-prepared products, portioning machines are used. Today the company offers to form products under low pressure influence. This allows you to save the meat structure. Thus, the product taste quality improvement is provided.

How can you buy equipment of Townsend Further Processing

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