Tipper Tie

Despite the fact that the American company Tipper Tie was founded in 1952, it began bearing the present name in 1994. This brand provides equipment and consumables for packaging and clipping products. Its main office is located in Downers Grove, Illinois. Germany, China, the United States and other countries are among the brand's customers.

Equipment of Tipper Tie

The company occupies a leading position in the world in the production of machines for packing and clipping. Every day thousands of companies produce their products using this brand’s equipment.

What goods are sold by this brand:

  • Packaging machinery: table-type, automatic, semi-automatic and other clippers;
  • technological devices: cutters, dosing machines, milling machines, etc .;
  • industrial units of various purposes: Devices for hanging sausages, for filling and clipping;
  • consumables: twines, clips, loops, labels.


Tipper Tie clippers hold a specific place at the modern production plants. They are used for handling the ends of the sausage casing. They can be: single clip, two clips with manual pressing and automatic. The devices differ with capacity and the size of the casing.

Clippers of this brand have a wide scope of application:

  • In production of confectionery and bakery products;
  • in production of seafood;
  • for production of meat products;
  • for production of dairy products, including cheese;
  • in animal feed production.


Automation of clipping processed improves the capacity of enterprises.

Purchase of machines of Tipper Tie

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