Schroeder, the German brand, began its production activities in 1977. The company’s office, which specializes in meat processing equipment, is located in Werner. Working in this field for many years, the firm has managed to implement such design solutions that make the products most convenient under the food production conditions.

Schröder equipment

The German company that has offices in the CIS countries and in Europe, successfully demonstrates the European quality and innovativeness of its products. Comfort is achieved due to the equipment compactness, ease of operation, automation and related human resources saving. Production is adjusted according to high standards, allowing to form a production lines depending on customer requirements in each particular case. The range of company products includes such positions:

  • Injectors for meat, fish, poultry;
  • systems for the brine;
  • tenderizer;
  • vacuum massagers;
  • presses for hams.


Schröder Innovative equipment has no analogues in its field. The first injectors have become a symbol of a breakthrough in the food industry, having opened new opportunities for the market of meat and fish products. The first model of the injector is now an exhibit and demonstrated in the territory of the German plant.

The company's products are in demand in the meat processing industry and meet all modern requirements. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the leading enterprises the company specialists have the opportunity to improve and modernize the equipment, improving its manufacturing quality.

Schroeder in the Foodbay catalogue

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