Scandivac, Latvian company, produces thermo-shaping, packing and vacuum equipment since 1991. For twenty-five years of successful work the company managed to take an important place in the international market. All of this is due to the constant contact with their clients and partnersas well as the devices improvement and development.

The secret of Scandivac equipment success

The company employs 40 professionals, characterized by their high qualifications and years of experience in the manufacturing and designing of the machines used by the food industry. Responsible employees and innovative management solutions allow to produce unique equipment tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Scandivac offers devices to:

  • Meat-processing plants;
  • fishery enterprises;
  • companies involved into the packaging of various industrial products.


Each piece of equipment is produced on the individual project, to provide max compliance with the customers’ needs. Accurate, stable and safe operation of the equipment is provided by use of proven technologies and high-quality electronic and spare parts. The solid frame is made of stainless steel; it strengthens machinery and systems, providing safe transportation of the device. All machines are equipped with specialized servodrive system for the chain gripping.

More than 20 years the company has been successfully exporting packaging equipment in Sweden, Norway and other Scandinavian countries, Europe and Russia.

Where can Scandivac thermos-shaping equipment be purchased?

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