Ruhle Company is the reputable manufacturer of meat processing equipment. The company was founded in 1966 in Germany and today its products are in demand and respect of clients worldwide. Its main specialization is manufacture of meat cutting machines.

Ruhle equipment offers you classic German quality and cutting-edge technologies

Since its foundation the company has been specializing in design and manufacture of a wide range of equipment. The following machines are the basis of the company’s production:

  • Dicers;
  • block cutters;
  • vacuum meat tumblers;
  • injection machines.


All equipment is of high quality, performance and easy in use. For instance Ruhle dicer effectively cuts back fat into the dices of the same size for their further use in the production of a particular type of meat. Also the outstanding hourly performance and high hygienic indicators can be surely added to the benefits list of Ruhle machinery. As the company’s representatives say the combination of quality, tradition, years of experience and innovative technologies made it possible to achieve such results of the work.

The board represents a wide range of Ruhle machinery

FOODBAY board contains a large number of sale proposals of this eminent German brand equipment. Here you can find both direct offers and the information from the official brand representatives in Russia. You can choose the appropriate variants, contact the seller and check all the details and conditions of purchase. We make the purchase of high quality meat processing equipment easy and convenient!