The Rostselmash company founded in 1929 now includes 13 companies. Besides ROSTSELMASH, also Buhler, VERSATILE and FARM KING are among the brands under which its products are produced. The company produces a wide range of devices used in the agricultural sector.

Technical devices of Rostselmash

Every year thousands of devices for farming come off the production line. Its production sites are located in Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia and the United States. You can buy the equipment for any process in the agricultural sector. These are soil processing devices, and systems, processing the products. What equipment is produced:

  • Sowing machines;
  • mowing machines;
  • tillage machinery;
  • mills;
  • combine harvesters;
  • tractors;
  • loaders.


At the present time Rostselmash has all means required for the production of high-quality products. The company develops its own equipment. The required production capacities are available to manufacture high-tech devices. There are metal-cutting, resurfacing, welding, painting workshops.

The quality of products is provided by robotized processes, using laser systems, the conveyor assembly. Maintenance service specialists undergo special training. So you can be assured of after-sales service.

Where is it more profitable to buy the equipment of Rostselmash

You can by the equipment from this company on the Foodbay bulletin board. A range of the prices on the site is so vast that it is easy to find the product at a desired cost. It is possible to buy previously used equipment in good condition, anywhere in the world. There is always the possibility to contact directly company representatives in your country, and buy required equipment.