Roser CMSA

1959 was notable for opening of Spanish businessman Jaume Roser’s own firm called Roser CMSA. Its headquarters is located in Cassa de la Selva. Today the organization is known by many people in the market of the food industry. The brand is known for its facilities for meat processing plants.

Equipment of Roser CMSA

The company’s design department develops equipment for mass production and to customer’s orders. Customers can be assured in 100% quality of the manufactured products. Because compulsory control is carried out over all the production processes. The Company continuously monitors the needs of the meat-processing industry. more versatile equipment is produced focusing on the data obtained, .

What devices are sold by Roser CMSA:

  • Devices providing the hygiene of the production process: sterilizers,  machines for washing and systems for the conveyor belt, etc .;
  • transport and lifting system: tilting containers, carts, lifts, etc.;
  • systems for trimming, chiselling: base lines, various tables, classifiers by weight, etc .;
  • for ham: massagers, marking machines, forming machines, etc .;
  • for delicacies: smoking sticks, frame for installation in the furnace, pressmolds, etc..


Besides the primary equipment, the company supplies spare parts and accessories. All employees are focused on good service of customers. Everyone can ask for help in the choice of the right equipment. After-sales service is available for all buyers.

How can you buy quality equipment of Roser CMSA

In order not to waste time searching for devices of this Spanish producer, visit the and you can see the range of famous brand products. Also on the trading platform of the site, you can choose another type of equipment for the other purposes, at the same time sort it according to the industry. On the website you will find a variety of brands producing machines and systems for every kind of food industry.