Poly-clip System

The German company Poly-clip system specializes in manufacture of clipping machines. The equipment is mainly used for food packaging. The company produces devices for small and large meat processing plants. The company has a lot of international offices around the world.

Business of Poly-clip system

Inventions of Poly-clip system engineers have enhanced the capabilities of meat processing plants and conditioned the launch of new products. Today the company offers the following equipment:

  • Automatic clipping machines;
  • poultry packaging stations;
  • metal detectors;
  • automatic vacuum sealing machines;
  • automatic hanging lines;
  • oxygen filling stations;
  • labeling systems and other.


Poly-clip system also supplies consumables: loops, clips, labels.

One of the latest innovations is poly-clip double clipper. It is equipped with meat extrusion system that provides quick process. The casing is sealed in less than a second. The system removes the excess of meat from the casing. Double clipping is performed within milliseconds. The end of a sausage and the beginning of the next sausage are clipped simultaneously.

Purchase of Poly-clip system products

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