Penza Food

Penza Food started its operation in 1997 and has been engaged in the manufacture of confectionery equipment. This Russian company has managed to gain immense popularity among consumers – the confectionery factories of various sizes, known not only in Russia but also in the neighboring countries.

Confectionery with Penza Food equipment

The company offers a wide range of confectionery equipment, including:

  • Automatic enrobers;
  • chocolate casting equipment;
  • finished products decorators;
  • specialized cooling galleries;
  • dough depositing machines;
  • marmalade producing equipment;
  • topping and spreading equipment;
  • equipment for molding candies;
  • marshmallow depositing machine;
  • cooling tables;
  • tempering chambers;
  • kettles;
  • whipping and kneading equipment;
  • packers.


Penza Food confectionery equipment is worth choosing due to the widest range offered. After all, not every manufacturer is able to offer the same number of units.

Although the equipment costs much less than the imported devices do, it has the highest quality. Its technical characteristics, performance and reliability are in some respects better than those of the similar devices or lines from foreign manufacturers.

In addition, all lines and units are manufactured in our country, so there will be no problems with adjustment, repair or maintenance of the equipment. Getting spare parts or components couldn’t be any easier.

Buying equipment from Penza Food

You will never regret, having bought Penza Food equipment on our trading platform, because here you can find the best deals. This equipment will make your plant run without stopping, manufacturing tasty products that will be in huge demand. We offer equipment at the most competitive prices because we work directly with the supplier.