Ogalsa Inyectoras

Today Ogalsa Inyectoras is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of food industry. After its foundation in 1984 in Spain the company has actively entered the market and continued strong performance of the work to this day.

Ogalsa Inyectoras and its focus on injection

The company offers a wide range of injectors for the needs of different food industry sectors. The devices, for example, can effectively fill the meat or fish with brine, thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of the products’ processing - marinating, brining, preparation of certain products.

Thus Ogalsa Inyectoras has complex approach to the manufacture of its products:

  • Development of new injectors and application technologies;
  • manufacture of allied equipment – brine preparation systems, for instance;
  • provision of comprehensive after-sales service.


Using Ogalsa Inyectoras equipment you can perform high-quality injection, fully preserving the appearance and properties of the product. Therefore, this brand equipment is so desirable among food manufacturers around the world.

Ogalsa Inyectoras products on our board

Our service provides you with a lot of offers to buy injectors from this eminent Spanish manufacturer. Due to the narrow focus of our web-site here you can find only proposals from responsible suppliers, ensuring competitive prices and reliability of the purchase. So view and choose – we make your choice easier.