Since 1974 Nowicki company produces food- and meat-processing equipment, which is used by large industrial organizations and small private producers. This company is located in Poland and is one of the most famous companies in their field.

Features of Nowicki processing devices

The company produces more than 20 standard equipment lines, among which approximately 150 models used in industrial scale under products processing. In addition, the company creates specialized and complete process lines, by means of which the individual tasks can be fulfilled.

Production processes, performed by Nowicki, use the most advanced and highly specialized technologies, including:

  • Pressure shaping;
  • repeatable operations of the installation, performed by a professional equipment fleet with program control;
  • each operational step control with a digital system;
  • water- or plasma-cutting.

Each stage of the equipment production undergoes quality control, which ensures reliability of finished products. For example, under receipt, the hardness of the raw materials is checked as well as sizes in accordance with the certificate and the structure conformity. A specialized computer system resolves the faulty nodes, intermediates and inappropriate raw materials to provide only high-quality components to the assembly shopfloor.

Nowicki equipment purchase

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