Nock is a family-owned company engaged in the design, manufacture and selling of high class machines for the modern food processing industry. This private German company was established in 1990 and today it successfully works, offering their products to industrial plants around the world.

A variety of machines from Nock Company

The equipment manufactured by this company is distinguished by its qualitative characteristics. It can significantly increase the output of end products; improve its overall look and quality; minimize the need for manual processing. It reduces expenses and optimizes the cost of end products.

The range of products includes:

  • Nock derinding machines
  • membrane and fat skinning machines;
  • doner and Gyros cutting machines;
  • slicers;
  • ice makers.


By making the above equipment, the company is doing everything possible to make it high strength, reliable and durable. The products have very comfortable design that simplifies the service process. Only high-quality materials and innovative solutions are used in production process, which complies with all the hygiene requirements.

The company also produces industrial dewatering presses used in slaughter houses, in live stock breeding and in other industries.

Try uncompromising quality of Nock

The concept of Nock equipment, presented on this trading platform, is focused on high quality. It is made of the best materials and components, has passed the respective tests and obtained all the necessary certificates. You can be confident in the durability and reliability of the equipment, purchased here.