Multivac Company history dates back to 1961. That was the year when its founder – Sepp Haggenmyuller – successfully launched the first chamber device that packed products in special packages of films. This decision was a real revolution at the time. Thermoforming machine was created a few years later, but its design principles are used even now.

What are Multivac thermoformers needed for?

The company offers the widest range of different lines for packaging of food, consumer and health care goods. These systems consist of:

  • Thermoformers;
  • vacuum chamber machines;
  • traysealers;
  • labeling machines;
  • marking systems;
  • automation equipment essential for the effective integration of systems into processing and packaging lines.


The packaging must protect products, extend their shelf life and preserve their quality. Multivac Vacuum Packers are designed to protect the products. The company develops the most profitable packaging solutions, keeps always improving them using innovative technologies. The company has set standards that make the equipment the most reliable and effective. The equipment saves packaging materials and other resources.

The main concern of the staff is to achieve the highest level of efficiency and undisputed quality. To achieve the latter the company meets absolutely all market requirements taking into account the customers’ opinions. An important part of success is constant improvement.

To buy Multivac packing machines

You can buy Multivac products on our trading platform. The extensive range of products consists of equipment created as the result of experimental research projects. The equipment has been proven experimentally by many customers. Buying these packing machines you can be confident in their reliability and quality.