Since 1947, when MOBA Group came into being, it has remained the leading manufacturer of equipment for packaging, grading and processing of eggs. Its headquarters is located in Barneveld. This Dutch company has extensive experience and sells its equipment worldwide.

Egg processing with MOBA equipment

The company develops, produces and sales its eggs processing equipment and provides service of its equipment. In addition, the group offers various global solutions, while trying to be as close as possible to its potential customers.

The total number of employees is more than 500 people. The company actively conducts developmental and research work in 3 modern centers. Production takes place at four major sites. The company delivers its finished products to salespoints, scattered across the planet. The huge range of equipment includes:

  • MOBA egg grading machines;
  • egg breakers;
  • manual graders;
  • packers;
  • loaders;
  • centrifuges.


The researchers engaged in developing of these machines, constantly implement innovations in the processes. Thanks to the most modern electronics, advanced methods of plastics and sheet steel processing, they create the best integrated solutions that fully meet customers’ requirements.

Where to buy MOBA equipment?

Our board has collected the best deals for the sale of eggs processing equipment from the reliable brand. Purchasing the company’s equipment you get twenty-four-hour support and rapid delivery of spare parts. We work directly with the suppliers so they can train your employees during commissioning of the purchased equipment at your plant.