Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery

The Japanese brand, Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery, was founded by way of merger of two companies in 1980. The company specializes in the compact tractors and tractors production. At present the products manufactured in the line are sold in many countries, including Europe and Asia.

Characteristics of Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery tractors

The Japanese company uses high-quality materials and the up-to-date equipment for the tractors production.  The produced multi-function equipment satisfies even the most demanding customers’ needs. A wide range of tractors provides the needs of any consumer. The tractor range of the brand is presented with the equipment of various kinds, size and configuration.

Compact tractors are in special demand. And it is no wonder, because they have the following advantages:

  • Compactness. The small size of the tractors allows them to be used even in small areas;
  • good adaptability. Due to the filters the machines can be filled with not high quality fuel;
  • flexibility. Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery compact tractors can be used in many fields. For this purpose the machine is equipped with the necessary removable equipment.


Compact tractors of the Japanese brand are used not only in the agriculture. The machinery has proven itself in the construction and municipal works. Due to the high quality of the products they have long service time.

Where can Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery tractors be purchased

Foodbay billboard allows manufacturers to put up their products for sale. The customers can find the desired product using the search filter. It is easy to purchase a post-consumer tractor or at a low price. There is an opportunity to buy equipment directly from the manufacturer's representative.