The Mauting Company was founded more than 20 years ago. It is focused on design, projection and manufacture of food processing equipment. The main concern of the company is the delivery of high-quality equipment and its improvement.

Smoking chambers from Mauting

The company’s founders have extensive experience in manufacture of meat industry equipment. The company specializes in the devices used in the heat-treatment of meat products. It produces:

  • Cooking chambers;
  • boiling kettles;
  • smoke generators;
  • smoking chambers;
  • boning plants;
  • transportation systems;
  • lifting devices;
  • mauting baking chambers;
  • gas or electric catalysts;
  • chilling chambers.


Besides all these, the engineers are developing control systems to simplify the work of the above equipment. Every year the company presents a huge number of new products and innovative mechanisms that are involved in various international exhibitions.

The equipment is supplied at reasonable prices and is very reliable, so it does not need a significant financial investment. The machines are easy to control and you can define your own recipes programs. These machines ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety.

The company has its own development center working on the design and construction of equipment.

Where can I get a great deal of Mauting meat processing equipment?

If you want to buy meat processing equipment from this company, simply visit our web-site. Our board presents high-quality products at the most reasonable prices. This reliable modular equipment will serve you as long as possible, because we offer you only the best.