Massey Ferguson

The American company, Massey Ferguson, was founded in 1891. And its first self-propelled harvester was produced in 1938. Since then, the brand keeps its leadership, providing by regular innovative implementations. The company provides products to the farmers all over the world.

Massey Ferguson harvesters and other agricultural machinery

The company has established mass production of tractors with the capacity of 1 machine per 5 minutes. Product quality is strictly controlled at all stages. Each participant of all processes is responsible for the work. So whoever buys a Massey Ferguson tractor, he will receive a quality product. Features of agricultural machinery production:

  • Each piece is provided with a quality certificate, where all production parties are mentioned. Its electronic version is stored for more than 10 years;
  • individual assembly order tailored to the customer;
  • the cabs of tractors is performed by a master in ergonomics;
  • in the completion stage, the testing of the product and its elements is carried out;
  • set of wheels includes 600 different combinations that can be selected by the customer;
  • after assembling the machine is checked for tightness;
  • the suspension is tested on special stands;
  • at completion, all equipment undergoes the test drive.


In addition to tractors, Massey Ferguson produces loaders, mowers, harvesters, etc. The company exports its products to 170 countries.

Where can Massey Ferguson equipment be purchased at an affordable price

There is a catalogue of Massey Ferguson machines and spare parts on Foodbay website. Here you can advertise selling or buying of agricultural machinery. On the website there are not only new products, but also used machines. So it is easy to find the right product at a reasonable price.