Today Maja Company is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of food processing equipment thanks to its extensive experience accumulated during more than half a century. This machine-building factory is located in the southwest of Germany. The company actively cooperates with enterprises and organizations from other countries.

Business of Maja

Today Maja specializes in the manufacture of ice machines, membrane skinners and derinding machines. All machines are distinguished by high quality and performance. Equipment design ensures its operation and ease of maintenance. Maja offers its customers:

  • Flake ice machines with either integrated or separate condensing unit;
  • Nugget ice machines;
  • Slicing and cutting machines;
  • Membrane skinners;
  • Derinding machines;
  • Defatting systems;
  • Skinning machines.


Maja Company manufactures flake ice machines. Flake ice is often used in food manufacture and storage. Due to its special shape it slowly melts and its pieces never stick together.

Purchase of Maja products

You can easily find Maja equipment on our board. It represents high quality branded machines of different types and configurations. Anyone interested can get acquainted with the products and buy them directly from the company or from its representatives.