Lorenzo Barroso

The Spain-based company Lorenzo Barroso is the world's largest manufacturer of the wrapping and strapping equipment for any packages, sausage making equipment and other food processing machinery. The company has the world's largest portfolio of aluminum brackets, loops and clips for fastening and strapping, and offers a wide range of air-activated locks.

Lorenzo Barroso is a leading bracket manufacturer

The Spanish firm is known in more than 80 countries all over the world, where its products are successfully used at various production facilities for many years. Its approach to the fastener development meets the real market needs, making its products in-demand at all times. Manufacturing the whole product line, including metal clips, twine and brackets at Argentona City, Barcelona, the company has regular customers at all five continents and continually enlarges the production output.

In addition to fixing and fastening consumables, Lorenzo Barroso offers the strapping equipment and locks to its customers. All types of air-activated and electropneumatic locks have a number of distinct features making these facilities as much easy-to-use as practical, such as:

  • Suitable for all types of materials and sausage products;
  • non-corrosive materials, extending the equipment service life;
  • software control;
  • easy maintenance and serviceability;
  • lock mobility and portability;
  • low cost and short payback period of equipment;

Lorenzo Barroso in our catalog

You may purchase the Spanish equipment and any consumables, using the catalog on foodbay.com. You may contact the authorized distributors in Russia or purchase the machines from representatives in your country.