For more than 130 years the German company Laska has manufactured equipment for food industry. During this time the company has acquired long-standing partners in Germany and abroad. The company’s experience and choice of the best components ensure its leading position in the field.

Business of Laska

Considering the needs of its customers, the company develops unique Laska equipment designed to propel the meat processing to the next level. The combination of the latest technology and acquired experience ensure the high quality of the machinery. Laska offers its customers:

  • Grinder of different sizes and configurations;
  • various cutters;
  • various mixers;
  • emulsifiers.


The company manufactures only high-quality Laska equipment. The offered equipment provides automation of operation with a lot of advantages. Increase in operation speed expands the production volumes. Maximum avoidance of personnel contact with foodstuffs ensures the hygiene of manufactured products. Acquiring all of these you get substantial savings.

Where to buy Laska equipment

You can purchase Laska machinery of any configuration on our board. Here you can get acquainted with different types of manufactured equipment. You can find useful information and buy the products either directly from the company or from its representatives.