La Minerva

The founder of the Italian company called La Minerva was Mario Chiodini. It appeared in Bologna more than 70 years ago. This city was the real cradle of mechanical engineering and mechanics. The company manufactures a vast range of all kinds of food processing equipment. Now it has a large network of distributors around the globe.

Food equipment from La Minerva

Thanks to extensive experience in working with food processing equipment along with the strong administration, the company has managed to bypass the huge number of competitors. It has even acquired several companies, including:

  • Suprema;
  • Omega;
  • Artex;
  • General Machine.


In its work La Minerva uses modern management techniques, innovative computer-aided design, while trying to automate maximum of process. The surfaces of all steel structures are processed by specialized compositions.

In the Russian market you can meet a lot of various equipment that is produced by this enterprise, including:

  • Industrial mincers;
  • Various graters;
  • Band saws;
  • Potato peelers;
  • Hydraulic fillers;
  • Vegetable processors;
  • Boilers.


The equipment is designed and manufactured with the use of modern automation, as well as the most accurate computer technology. Additionally, the parts are carefully processed and only innovative materials are used, so the products as much as possible comply with all safety and hygienic standards.

Advantages of buying La Minerva

Our board offers the best La Minerva equipment for restaurants. It has an ideal ratio of price and quality. In addition a lot of buyers recommend this equipment, because this company has an impeccable reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality devices.