Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer of heavy machinery and tractors. The company is based in Osaka and was founded back in 1890. Besides tractors it produces all sorts of farm machinery and engines. For 120 years it has acquired a vast experience of quality production and tries to keep up, being proud of its achievements and realizing the responsibility to its consumers.

Spare parts and machinery from Kubota

Kubota offers a wide range of equipment that is suitable for professionals and for domestic needs of ordinary people. The products are used non-commercial organizations, individual consumers and simple contractors. The products range includes:

  • Kubota excavators;
  • loaders;
  • rotary rakes;
  • balers;
  • rotary tedders;
  • tractors;
  • lawn mowers;
  • mowers.


The lawn mowers are the most popular machinery of the company. They can be found across Europe, North America and Oceania. They have earned a reputation for its high quality and the use of unique technologies. The company is constantly developing new technology that will become even more accessible and closer to ordinary people.

The company complies with the established emission standards; and even Kubota mini tractors are equipped with diesel engines, produced by the company. They are very powerful and eco-friendly. Management is doing everything to protect the world without sacrificing performance.

The machinery is controlled by a simple panel or special handle. The control process is intuitive and easy. Kubota loaders are equipped with comfortable chairs, making long hours of work much nicer.

Lifting is carried out by the cutting edge hydraulic pedal system. Thus, the machinery exactly performs all the commands and does it quickly and easy.

The vast experience and the innovations enable the company to produce durable and reliable machinery, which is always ready for hard work. The big advantage is the simplicity of equipment.

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