Komet Company is the embodiment of the German quality; for more than 50 years it has easily held the leading position in the field of packing equipment. These machines provide reliable protection for various kinds of products. The company takes into account all the wishes and requirements of potential buyers.

The principal differences of Komet packaging

The main concern of the company is profitable mutually beneficial cooperation, which would justify all the expectations and desires of customers, bringing the success to their businesses. That is why it flexibly responds to the slightest changes and new trends emerging in the market. The company constantly improves the manufactured equipment, while attempting to simplify its design. Thus, each new model of packing equipment becomes more convenient and functional.

The company has invested huge resources in the improvement of the quality of produced vacuum packers. Thanks to its simple design these devices are very convenient in use. Moreover, they are distinguished by their high performance. Komet equipment catalog includes:

  • Table vacuum machines;
  • floor vacuum machines;
  • double chamber devices;
  • automatic tray sealers;
  • equipment for the simple packaging of large volumes of the piece-goods.


The company offers consumers a wide range of various additional options that make the work with vacuum systems even more convenient.

Buying Komet equipment

In order not to get lost in a wide range of Komet vacuum packers presented on our trading platform, you should definitely contact our consultants. They can quickly help you find a suitable solution, taking into account all your wishes. We work directly with suppliers, so we can always offer the most favorable terms of purchase.