In 1994 Kittner Company was founded in Germany. Three years later it bought a Bulgarian company. The latter became a basis for production of the equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. For many years the plant has offered high-quality modern equipment.

Kittner equipment

Since its creation, the company has continued its development, specializing in the production of equipment for the modern meat industry. It provides not only a variety of machines and technologies, but is also engaged in production of complex equipment for enterprises. The equipment includes:

  • Hygiene equipment;
  • deboning and cutting machines;
  • transporting equipment;
  • lifting machines;
  • storage systems.


Kittner employs 70 highly skilled employees, including 12 engineers, occupying leading positions. They are developing unique solutions, taking into account the needs of specific production and customer-specific requirements.

This company’s equipment is well known in many countries, including Russia. It has quickly gained popularity, demonstrated high sales and outpaced many competitors.

The devices fully meet modern European requirements, standards and have all the necessary certificates. They are distinguished by their reliability and ease of maintenance.

To buy industrial equipment from Kittner

The board offers individual models of Kittner equipment, as well as complete lines, which provide secure storage and handling of products, facilitate processing of raw materials and raise the overall level of hygiene. All this is available after studying the catalog with products. If you have any questions regarding the placement of ads, our consultants will be happy to answer them.