KERRES Company has manufactured cooking equipment for meat and fish processing plants since 1966 in Hamburg. Today it is the leader among the suppliers of this equipment. According to the company, their equipment is installed and actively used in factories and manufacturing plants in more than 80 countries. Their quality is trusted by millions of people.

Types of KERRES machinery

The company produces machinery for food industry. Also, the German Engineers can provide any industry with modern and high-tech devices and machines. So, KERRES offers:

  • Combined compact cabinets for drying, smoking and sun drying of fish and meat;
  • special smoking chambers for small private enterprises to suit restaurants, cafes and shops;
  • large automatic drying ovens, tanks for roasting, bratting and frying, air grills;
  • smokehouses with cold, hot and intense smoking modes;
  • equipment for pet food production;
  • repair and sale of used equipment.


German quality, ergonomics, operational economy, corporate design are the principal characteristics of this company’s food-processing equipment.

KERRES products on the Foodbay board

The «Foodbay» board represents KERRES brand with the best examples of fish and meat processing equipment. You can find and buy equipment you need directly from the company or through its representatives.