Karpowicz is the company that has grown from a family business, handed down from generation to generation. They produce machinery and equipment for meat and fish processing, baking pizza, manufacturing meat dumplings and other semi-finished products. The company has been in business since 1990 and is currently the largest one in Poland and Europe.

What the family company Karpowicz offers

The company’s mission is to produce easy-to-service, modern machinery and equipment for the food industry at reasonable prices. Karpowicz provides:

  • Services for the creation of process lines, machines and equipment;
  • guarantee repair service;
  • selling of old machines and special purpose machinery;
  • introducing and launching of modern equipment.


The company has several patents on its own inventions. Therefore, they are constantly improving manufactured equipment and machines to achieve the best results in food production.

Karpowicz in Foodbay catalog

The site presents a variety of Karpowicz process machinery to be purchased and get acquainted with directly or through representatives of the company.