Karl Schnell

Karl Schnell is rightfully considered one of the most prominent representatives of the German market of food industry machinery. For more than 60 years of development, the company has evolved into a brand with a worldwide reputation and products favored by the manufacturers in a large number of countries.

Karl Schnell Brand means the guarantee of the highest quality

Continuous development, active innovation and the innovative nature of the work allow Karl Schnell to take particularly strong position in the global market. Today its equipment is used in several food industry sectors:

  • Meat-processing;
  • Dairy;
  • Baby food;
  • Candies and many other.


Concerning the needs of these sectors Karl Schnell offers complete solutions for instrumentation of production. Using this equipment a food producer can perform a variety of processes, including raw material preparation, mixing of different components, formation of finished products, etc.

Along with the standard equipment Karl Schnell offers special solutions for special occasions, ensuring the maximum coverage of the market. After all, every customer can find something he or she needs in the mass of the German brand offers.

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Our board contains a variety of proposals of Karl Schnell equipment, including both direct ones and those of the official brand representatives in Russia. So you can certainly find favorable and convenient option!