The German company Kalle was founded back in 1863. In 1997 the group split off from Hoechst AG and continued its successful business in the international market. The specialization of the company is the production of casings for meat products.

Sausage casings from Kalle

The International group of companies is engaged in the creation of specialized casings for sausages of all kinds, occupying leading positions in this field. Its main priorities are meeting of all the requirements of their customers, continuous business development and improvement of its products’ quality. The executives say that the company has achieved success only through hard work aimed at the common good.

Kalle’s production includes:

  • Casings for various meat products;
  • functional food ingredients;
  • sponge clothes.


All products comply with food safety and quality requirements. The company's policy is aimed at creating the best products and satisfaction of customers.

The company employs only the most qualified specialists, beginning with the chief engineer and ending with meat experts. A separate group of employees is engaged in the introduction of new products, development of customized solutions for individual customers and using innovative technologies. The products pass a huge amount of practical tests. That’s the way their quality is checked.

Kalle casings on Foodbay

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