The Chinese company Kaae is located in Jiangsu Province and produces equipment for the food industry, used in the processing of fruit and vegetables. Due to its extensive experience all the company’s equipment is distinguished by its high quality and clever design.

Fruit and vegetables processing with Kaae

The professional supplier of equipment for fruit and vegetables processing is known around the world due to the constant introduction of innovative technologies and the implementation of the cutting-edge achievements. All this has allowed the company to build a strong relationship of trust and to take the path of professional development and improvement. It designs, constructs and maintains an extensive range of equipment for the food industry, which includes:

  • Crushers;
  • automatic degasser;
  • conveyor systems;
  • fruit and vegetables washing machines;
  • pumps;
  • emulsifying tanks;
  • filters;
  • sterilization machines;
  • belt press machines.


Kaae is in the first top ten of private technology enterprises in the province. Employees of the company are focused on the use of the original innovation and technology development. All production, coming out of the factory, has a respective patents, certificates and proofs of quality.

The machinery is actively exported to the United States, Australia, South America, South and West Asia, and Africa.

To buy Kaae equipment

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