K+G Wetter

The German company K + G Wetter produces high quality aggregates for grinding and mixing of raw materials in food industry. The best specialists of the industry are employed by the company to work in its optimally equipped design department. The company also takes special orders for manufacture of specific equipment.

Business of K+G Wetter

K + G Wetter employees use only high-quality materials for the manufacture of equipment, ensuring reliability and hygiene of the machines produced. Design features of the equipment provide its high productivity. K + G Wetter offers its customers:

  • Vacuum and standard bowl cutters;
  • combined grinders;
  • mixers;
  • meat Grinders;
  • sorting devices;
  • software.


K + G Wetter equipment is characterized by operational convenience, low power consumption and safety. The smart design of the manufactured equipment ensures minimal human contact with the product. In addition to the materials used, the company ensures the process compliance with the sanitary and hygienic standards.

Purchase of K+G Wetter products

Our board contains information about any K+G Wetter products. You can address directly to the company or its representatives. You can also order and purchase any kind of equipment right on the web-site.