JWE Baunmann

The Brand name JWE Baumann is associated with real professionalism and high quality. The Company was established by Oscar Baumann in 1957 and it started production of the slaughtering devices. In 2005 the company opened its subsidiary, which expanded the range of equipment and brought the company success.

Equipment from JWE

The company specializes in the production of complex equipment for the primary processing of cattle. The company complies with high standards of quality. Thanks to many years of experience and advanced technology, it produces powerful and reliable equipment. These machines are successfully used in all kinds of enterprises to obtain the raw materials of the highest quality.

After the merger of the subsidiaries the company began to manufacture products under the brand name JWE-Baumann. However, the changes affected only the company name; the product range remained the same:

  • Blood suck and stirring machines;
  • stunning equipment;
  • dehairing machines;
  • tripes cleaning machines.


In addition the company supplies spare parts and accessories required for normal functioning of enterprises using the equipment.

The company’s aim is the production of quality products. That is why it constantly implements new ideas, which enable it to takes high positions ahead of many competitors.

Buying JWE machines

Our trading platform contains ads for the sale of high-quality equipment essential for livestock-dressing enterprises. Here everyone can find the best offer of this equipment, because we work directly with the supplier that is always ready to provide the best option and to do everything for customers.