Ishida Europe

Ishida Company was founded more than 120 years ago in Japan. Now it is considered a world leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of finished packaging lines. It supplies automation equipment for the food industry, which weighs the products and controls their quality.

Packing with Ishida Europe

The machines produced by this company are used across the globe in a variety of industries. More often they are used for packing poultry, meat, frozen or dry products, ready meals, pasta or pastries and a variety of non-food items such as washing powder, charcoal, plastic or metal parts.

In the range of the company’s packaging lines you may find:

  • Multihead weighing machines;
  • Ishida checkweighers;
  • X-ray systems inspecting finished product;
  • vertical fill-form-seal bagmakers;
  • labeling systems, defining the weight and the cost of products;
  • tray sealers;
  • robotics systems packing ready products into cases;
  • topping and depositing systems.


Additionally, the company is engaged in installation of complex production lines in factories. These systems are designed for the manufacture of snack or fresh food. These lines contain a variety of auxiliary equipment, including different supports, platforms, feeding systems, equipment for tray or container denesting, conveyor systems and other devices.

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