Meat-Master (Inject Star)

Meat-Master has been the market leader for a long time, producing high-quality massaging and salting equipment. This Austrian company has managed to achieve great success and its equipment has been adequately appreciated by the professionals working in small shops and huge meat processing plants.

Peculiarities of Meat-Master equipment

The company has been on the market for almost half a century, and during that time it has manufactured more than 50,000 pieces of equipment that successfully work on the benefit of customers worldwide. The company has recently introduced “Doleschal” brand, under which it produces thermal systems and smoking chambers. Thanks to its extensive range of products, strict quality control and analysis of all equipment, the company has managed to occupy an important position in today's market.

Modern technology and extensive experience in the meat processing industry allow the company to keep abreast of new market trends quickly and effectively respond to its fluctuation. The company manufactures:

  • Injectors for poultry, meat and fish;
  • Meat-Master massaging systems;
  • separators;
  • thermal systems;
  • drying systems;
  • maturing systems.


The company provides unique solutions to suit particular meat processing plants. However, in addition to advanced technological developments the company can offer more traditional meat processing options.

Buy Meat-Master equipment and you will never regret

Our board offers the best meat processing solutions from Meath-Master. It has collected a huge number of proposals from the best suppliers, and everyone will be able to find a customized solution suitable for him. The company provides a convenient service for making the right choice.