Hualian Machinery

Hualian Machinery Company appeared in China about 20 years ago. Now this enterprise is known worldwide and is engaged in manufacture of modern packaging machines. The company's products successfully operate in a variety of industries in several dozen of countries.

The advantages of packaging machines from Hualian Machinery

The company has really huge plants, covering an area of over 100,000 square meters. It is among the hundred largest companies that manufacture packaging machines. In addition, the company is in the top ten of the best manufacturers of packaging machines throughout China.

The Russian office was opened in 2007. During this period of time the company has become recognizable and gained a lot of popularity in the packaging market. This is quite logical, because all the equipment produced by Hualian Machinery group has a lot of advantages. Cooperation with the company gives you:

  • Reliability. Over the years, the company has firmly established in the market as a proven producer;
  • Quality. All production processes are carefully controlled, so the result is a product of the highest quality;
  • Popularity. The best companies around the world use these machines;
  • Range. There are more than 100 different models of equipment, so everyone can find a device that will solve his business tasks the best.


The company pays great attention to customers’ technical support by fast delivery of the necessary spare parts, repairs and other maintenance procedures.

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