Honghao Company appeared in 1997 and is headquartered in the city of Hengshui. This is a modern corporate enterprise, which has managed to combine high-quality manufacture and attractive design in its products. It manufactures sausage fillers, special clippers and cutters.

Meat processing with Honghao equipment

345 skilled employees work in the company; and the company occupies a huge area, which is equal to 30,000 square meters. It produces more than 100 varieties of different units, including:

  • U(V)-shaped clippers;
  • Pneumatic tying machines;
  • Automated tying machines;
  • Vacuum massaging machines;
  • High speed elevators;
  • Fillers;
  • Consumables.


Honghao products are widely used in the meat processing industry, as well as for packaging of fruit and vegetables. It is known in many countries, including Russia, Vietnam, Egypt and many others. The equipment is used by such well-known companies as Shuanghui, Jinluo, and Delisi.

The main objective of the company is the manufacture of high-quality products, because it cherishes its image. In addition, the company is constantly improving and doing everything possible to satisfy all the wishes of its customers. The customers are the main priority of the company, so it does everything possible to provide them with proper products and services.

Where to find Honghao machinery

If you want to purchase Hongo products, you should visit our trading platform. The companies operating in the food sphere can find everything for processing of meat and other products. Various suppliers publish their ads so all you have to do is just to pick up the product at the best price and terms of delivery.