Higel Kältetechnik

The German company Higel Kältetechnik was founded in Baden-Württemberg more than 40 years ago. It has been successfully engaged in the production of refrigeration equipment used in food industry and is the world's leading brand, producing ice makers.

Easy ice with Higel equipment

Scale ice is commonly used by the food industry enterprises engaged in the production of meat or fish products, confectionery and other food. Higel Company produces ice makers of different capacities, they can make about 70-6000 kilogram of ice per day.

The ice maker is a compact machine with refrigeration unit inside. If necessary, you can find ice maker without refrigeration unit. It can make up to 120-12000 kilogram of ice.

We need to underline the following specifications of Higel ice-makers:

  • High efficiency provides the low cost of ice;
  • in the event of power failure the excess fluid is automatically drained;
  • equipment meets industry requirements;
  • machines have compact design;
  • they are very simple in operation and maintenance;
  • additional programs needed for a particular enterprise;
  • the devices can be pre-programmed to work only at the selected time.


All ice makers are equipped with automatic control, so that the machine can be adapted to the working time of a particular user or to the production processes.

What is special in buying Higel ice makers?

Our board offers a variety of different models of scale ice makers of this brand. This equipment is essential for the work of modern enterprises. Here you can find the deals at the best prices right from the supplier. Our consultants can help you choose the right equipment, they are happy to answer all your questions.