Henneken GmbH

Henneken GmbH company appeared in Bad- Wünnenberg and has been successfully operating for almost more than 40 years, producing a variety of equipment used in present-day food industry. Now the company has a remarkable reputation among other device manufacturers.

The purpose of Henneken GmbH machines

The equpment range produced by this company includes brine mixers, all kinds of injectors, vacuum massagers, transfer systems, and many other devices. The above-mentioned machines are mainly used for meat and other products processing during the following processes:

  • Cooked ham salting;
  • dry salting of smoked meat products;
  • marinating of poultry and its parts;
  • processing of fish or seafood;
  • barbecue meat cooking.


At the equipment development, Henneken GmbH company provides its engineers’ close collaboration with the other specialists. High quality standards are provided due to well-organized work of qualified specialists who are trained directly on the facilities. All employees are professionals in their fields and have extensive experience.

Only the best raw materials and parts, produced by such well-known international companies as Siemens, Bosch and others are used to produce the equipment. Due to this, the finished devices are emblematic of quality and reliability.

To buy Henneken GmbH on Foodbay

The marketplace offers a huge range of processing equipment from the German brand, Henneken. Here you can find new and post-consumer massagers, injectors, cooling or defrosting systems. To purchase your chosen device, you can purchase the chosen product directly or contact with the representatives of the company.