Henkelman Company was founded about 35 years ago in the Netherlands. Now it is one of the largest enterprises that manufacture vacuum packaging machines, which are successfully used in different branches of food industry. The company is engaged in the development and improvement of technologies, which along with extensive experience results in functional high-quality equipment.

Why Henkelman vacuum machines?

The Dutch company is specialized in only one variety of professional equipment. This enables it to produce a wide range of different models. All models are divided into several groups:

  • Table-top models;
  • floor models;
  • industrial models.


The last one includes Henkelman Polar, Titaan and diptanks for making shrink packages.

The company has specialized research and production center, which allows implementation of the latest technologies. This helps the company not only to stay ahead of all its competitors, but also to confirm its leadership year after year. That is why you should pay attention to the vacuum machines of this brand.

The company produces reliable, high-quality machines, such as Henkelman Falcon or Marlin, used in:

  • Medical industry;
  • trade;
  • catering business;
  • various industrial spheres.


Vacuum machines, including Henkelman Jumbo, can save the products flavored and juicy, while increasing its shelf life. Vacuuming protects the products against counterfeiting and falsification. Machines provide the highest level of products safety. An additional advantage is the ease of control regardless of the size and purpose of the machine, whether it is a model for a large enterprise or a small Henkelman Mini Jumbo.

All models are tested by the automated control system, and then re-checked by qualified personnel. This is the only way to get high quality products, such as Henkelman Boxer or Lynx. The use of modern technology, the availability of all certificates and modular design guarantee reliable operation of products over the years.

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