Handtmann company has been in business for over 40 years. It specializes in manufacturing equipment for filling, twisting, portioning of meat products. The company’s strong points are the high quality of the machinery and the unique technology of manufacturing processes.

Business of Handtmann

The company invests heavily in development and creation of new high-quality equipment. That’s why today Handtmann is the world leading manufacturer of portioning and packaging equipment. Handtmann Company offers its customers:

  • Various product-handling systems;
  • installations for the production of sausages;
  • forming equipment;
  • grinding systems;
  • hanging systems;
  • software;
  • depositing systems.


Among other systems the most distinguished one is handtmann vacuum filler. It ensures high speed and quality of sausage products filling. The company’s specialists guarantee optimal feeding and vacuum treatment, excellent interaction of control system with rotary mechanism and portioning performance with gram accuracy.

Purchase of Handtmann products

Our board gives anyone opportunity to purchase Handtmann products. All possible equipment for the production of sausages and frankfurters are exposed here. On the site you can get advice regarding the goods from Handtmann representatives in Russia or directly from the company.