Although Gunther Company is relatively young – only 28 years old, it managed to become a leader in manufacture of high-quality equipment for smoking various products and all kinds of delicacies. The company uses only the best materials and latest manufacturing technologies and processes.

Tumblers and injectors from Gunther

The company’s equipment has been designed and manufactured  in accordance with all wishes and requirements of meat-processing companies. Thus the company creates reliable and practical units, which are popular all over the world. The product range includes:

  • Single or combined machines for the fastest possible freezing of semi-finished products;
  • injectors used in salting of fish, meat or poultry;
  • Gunther tumblers of 90-20000 liters, as well as large complexes with a capacity of up to 100 tons per day;
  • complex transport systems;
  • complex equipment, including inclined conveyors and systems of conveyors, loading equipment and automatic brine mixers.


The injectors provide full control of brine injection into the product, regardless of the meat origin and bones inside. Modern intelligent system controls the conveyor belt speed, mode or brine pressure and lifting height of the needles.

Foodbay presents Gunther equipment

Our web-site presents equipment that meets actual criteria, including performance, ease of maintenance, cleaning and precision of injection. Now all this has become even more accessible. Our suppliers are pleased to offer you the most favorable conditions so you can independently verify the quality of Gunter equipment.