The German company Giesser was founded back in 1776 by Johannes Giesser. After nearly a decade, the company produced and launched the sale of high-quality knives for meat processing. Since then it has continued to expand and improve to meet increasing requirements of the customers.

The knives from Giesser

Giesser is considered a leader in the industry. Every day it produces more than 6000 high-quality knives for professionals working in the field of cooking or food industry. These knives are very popular; they are known and appreciated in many countries around the world. The range contains more than 2,500 items, including:

  • Chef’s knives;
  • kitchen knives;
  • boning knives;
  • knives for bread, fish, meat and other food.


The quality of materials used by the company, has always been high, so many professionals decide to buy Giesser Messer knives. Their blades are composed of:

  • High carbon steel, which is resistant to abrasion, but subject to corrosion;
  • chromium, because it protects the blade from corrosion;
  • silicon makes the knife more elastic;
  • manganese increases the strength.


When the blade is ready, it is attached to the handle according to the model of the knife. The knives are subject to strict control at all stages of production.

Buy Giesser boning knives and feel the quality

The board has gathered plenty of offers from Giesser. Most of the proposed knives belong to the average price category. However, due to the large selection of suppliers, you can always find a better option. All you have to do is to talk to our consultants.