GEA company was founded over 150 years ago. Immediately it managed to acquire a reputation of the leading manufacturer of compressor equipment. The time has been passing by, the technologies have been changing, new developments have appeared, but the company has continued to delight consumers with quality products.

GEA equipment is the best solution for an enterprise

This international group is one of the largest suppliers of machinery and other tools for the food industry and for extensive range of other processing industries. It concentrated great efforts on creating new production components and the development of technologies.

GEA offers not only dairy pumps and installations, but also the following range of the products:

  • Hydraulic piston pumps;
  • feed fences
  • automated feeding systems;
  • milk filling lines;
  • vacuum system;
  • freezers and ice machines;
  • packaging systems.


Additionally, the company manufactures disinfectants and products that help to create the most comfortable conditions for animals.

The Group pays special attention to responsible corporate ethics, in fact, it is a necessary component of its success. Employees must be aware of the importance of the impact that the company has on the social and economic sphere, as well as the environment. Therefore, the main objective of the company is the development of safe solutions that do not affect the world around us and provide maximum benefits.

GEA Catalog on Foodbay

If you need to purchase packaging line for dairy products or equipment for dairy farming as a whole, you have got to study the GEA catalog on our web-site. Here you can find the best deals from this supplier, so you can easily pick up a proposal with price, conditions and characteristics of the equipment that meet your requirements.