Foton Lovol

Chinese brand, Foton Lovol, was founded in 1998. First, it produced agricultural machinery. Later, construction machinery and other equipment were included into production. Today, the company's policy aimed at globalization, quality improving and reducing the cost of the goods.

Foton Lovol products

High-precision equipment is used under each part manufacturing and machinery assembly. This ensures elimination of defects in products. Today, the company produces a wide range of vehicles and spare parts. The advanced technologies are implemented in the product design on a regular basis. As the result, the consumer receives high-tech equipment.

The company offers:

  • Foton Lovol tractor of different models.
  • Grain harvesters.
  • Crawler excavators.
  • Land lever.
  • Trucks of various modifications.
  • Trailers, dump trucks.
  • Snow ploughs.
  • Foton Lovol loaders etc.


The mechanization of the work process contributes to the profitability of the enterprises. The agricultural equipment, manufactured by the Chinese brand, provides a great support in the process.
High growth rates allow the company to take a leading position among the vehicles manufacturers. The production workshops are regularly adapted to meet the needs of the present-day market. The company exports its products to 70 countries. Among them, there are America, Russia, Pakistan, and others. The machinery of the brand meets the international quality standards and environmental regulations.

Where can Foton Lovol equipment be purchased

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