For more than 40 years Foodlogistik specializes in manufacture of equipment for cutting products. Today the German manufacturer designs and produces multifunctional devices of different capacity levels. Now you can easily cut food into pieces of desired parameters and forms.

Foodlogistik cutting machines are your reliable helpers  

Products’ appearance is very important. Consumers have become more attentive to the purchased goods. Foodlogistik equipment increases the competitiveness of your products. The cutting machines produced by the company process product without losing its form, thanks to the high quality of each part of machines and their versatile design, developed by the company.

The line of the brand products includes:

  • Derinding and slicing machines;
  • Foodlogistik Dicer ensures predetermined size of diced product;
  • Soft food slicers;
  • Shredders for fruit and vegetables;
  • Multifunctional cutting machines etc.


The parts are made of high quality materials. They do not get oxidized when in contact with food. Therefore, the blades are made of stainless steel. Reasonableness of each part ensures the hygiene of the process. High-quality end product will provide your company a stable profit. Such equipment ensures only positive results.

Where to buy cutting machines from Foodlogistik

It is really easy to find equipment from Foodlogistik and other leading companies on Here you can find freely accessible information. This is a quick way to pick up the right device and purchase it. All you have to do is to use the filter. A variety of prices makes the choice of the desired equipment easy as never.