For over 85 years, meat processing companies in many countries have preferred Schmid & Wezel equipment, due to the company’s careful attention to the needs of its customers. If the proper work organization is essential to you, purchase EFA equipment.

EFA Equipment

The most complex works in the meat processing industry are slaughter and breaking of carcasses. The work mechanization is an essential performance requirement. This in turn increases the profitability of the enterprise. The purchased equipment pays off really quickly. So you will be able to increase the productivity of your enterprise and additionally improve the appearance of the products.

Schmid & Wezel tools speed up the work and improve the quality of the product. The equipment to optimize your workflow:

  • EFA breastbone openers;
  • Breaking cutters for hooves and horns;
  • Slaughtering devices to facilitate the process;
  • Skinners;
  • Processing tools.


The company uses high-quality raw materials in manufacture of equipment. All units are assembled with great precision and responsibility, thus increasing their usability and performance. The equipment is manufactured in accordance with European regulations and the highest standards of the modern market.

How to buy EFA for your enterprise?

You can buy Schmid & Wezel equipment on Foodbay.com. Here you will find slaughtering and butchering devices designed to accelerate and facilitate skinning and butchering processes. We also offer you to save your money greatly and to buy used equipment.