The American company Ecolab is considered to be founded in 1923. Industrial bodies use the services of the company to ensure their compliance with health standards. More than 20 years ago the company entered the Russian market. Today Ecolab is a global leader in water- and energy-saving technologies.

Disinfection of surfaces is an important issue of compliance with health standards

The world today has very high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Disinfection of surfaces is one of the essential elements in the sphere of food industry and medical services. A lot of companies use Ecolab equipment to comply with the regulations. It is particularly important to comply with hygiene requirements in medical institutions, food production and catering establishments. Specialized government departments set particularly high standards for such industries.

The company offers its customers:

  • Disinfectants for hand hygiene and other surfaces etc.;
  • lubricants of classic composition and containing modern ingredients;
  • detergents containing chemical components;
  • disinfection equipment such as dispensers, water heaters, foam generators, etc.


Besides hygiene products, Ecolab produces devices that optimize the consumption of disinfectants. Any kind of dispensers and sprayers allow you to use the optimum amount of substance. Thus the consumers substantially save their money. Today Ecolab is a leading company in energy and water saving technologies. Its equipment is considered one of the best in health technology.

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